Spring into the New Season’s Jewellery

We don’t know about you, but we’re looking forward to spring immensely! And what better way to cheer yourself up than with a spot of spring inspired jewellery from your jeweller in Ilford? Here are our top picks for jewellery to banish the winter blues and help you spring into the new season:

Blooming Marvellous

The obvious choice for spring inspired jewellery is always going to be anything floral. Whether you go for an all out floral ring or pendant, or just something inspired by lovely spring blooms – such as a petal shaped stone – is up to you.

If you are looking for a romantic gift, what is better to give than flowers? Think about having something bespoke made, such as interlocking flowers, or flowers growing from the same stem, to symbolise your unity. Here at EK Jewellers in Ilford we are happy to take on any design inspiration you may have in mind.

Natural Wonders

Of course, nature can inspire other spring pieces too. Butterflies and birds have been traditional inspiration for feminine jewellery for years, and as spring approaches why not add a touch of delicate elegance to your wardrobe?

Once again, if you’re looking for something subtle, go for an abstract butterfly design with just a suggestion of the creature’s shape, or a feather pendant. Jewellery inspired by birds and butterflies is easy to find at this time of year, but if you need any inspiration, why not pop along to EK Jewellers in Ilford?

April Showers

We all know that spring – particularly in this county – isn’t always sunshine; more like sunshine and showers! But April showers bring May flowers, so how about a raindrop shaped pendant?

Simple and understated, this piece of jewellery can be worn at any time of year; why not cheer yourself up with a new coloured gemstone piece this season?

Colourful Creations

If you don’t want a piece which is obviously related to spring, you can always brighten your wardrobe up with a colourful piece of jewellery. Strands of brightly coloured beads or a statement necklace will always banish winter blues, so treat yourself to something new.

Whatever you’re looking for this spring, you’ll be able to find a new piece to lift your wardrobe with a trip to your local jeweller in Ilford. From ready-made stock through to bespoke designs, EK Jewellers can help, so come along and let us know what would put the spring back into your step!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.