Summer Jewellery Trends 2022

Summer is just around the corner and we’re excited for the fabulous summer jewellery trends for 2022 that have been popping up! So which of the trends will be big hits this summer? And which will be right for you? Here’s a look at the upcoming jewellery trends 2022 has in store.

Summer bracelet trends 2022

When it comes to bracelets for the summer of 2022, you need to be thinking about cuffs. Moreover, these cuffs can not only be worn around the wrist, but can also be worn around the upper arm, too. Think chunky silver pieces, which can be decorated with intricate designs. Why not ask your local jeweller about a custom cuff for summer 2022?

Alternatively, if cuffs aren’t your thing, links will also be big this summer. 2022 jewellery trends dictate that link bracelets are chunky this year, but of course you don’t have to go catwalk-chunky if you don’t want to; when it comes to gold jewellery trends, for example, there are plenty of smaller link bracelets which will look just as trendy this summer.

Summer necklace trends 2022

Chains are going to be popular when it comes to necklace trends for 2022, too. They’re going to be long for the most part, with long line necklaces with a boho vibe being popular for summer 2022.

Alternatively, coloured necklaces will be back in fashion when it comes to summer 2022 jewellery trends. We love chunky pastel coloured, irregular shaped stones and beads strung together to give a soft but summery look to your summer 2022 necklaces.

Body chain trends for 2022

Body chains will be making a comeback this year. We’ll all be channelling years gone by and those boho vibes with the likes of belly chains. Remember you can speak to your local jeweller about creating something such as a belly chain bespoke for you. This then means that you can include certain stones and charms as part of the overall piece.

If, however, you’re not brave enough to go for a belly chain, remember that you can get the same boho look by layering smaller chains, either as necklaces, bracelets or anklets. Layering thin chains together will give the hippy look and feel which is going to be one of the big upcoming jewellery trends for 2022. And don’t forget that belly chains can also be worn as belts, strung through belt loops of pretty dresses and linen trousers for the ultimate compromise in comfort and trendiness this summer!

Costume jewellery trends 2022

This summer’s costume jewellery trends for 2022 are going to be big on beads, and potty for pearls. By this we mean that chunky bead necklaces and bracelets, irregular pearls and colourful seed beads will make up a big part of the jewellery trends for spring / summer 2022. Imitation pearls and beads are also perfect options as costume jewellery for trips to the beach, festival days and all of those other fabulous summer outings that require a little colour to lift an outfit.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.