Summertime Sterling Silver

Right about now, many of us start thinking about summer holidays, the warmer months ahead and getting our summer wardrobe out of storage. For lots of people, switching to their summer jewellery collection means beach vibes and boho styles, but if that’s not your thing, is there a trend that you can turn to in the summer months?

Well, jewellers Ilford wide will tell you that the answer is this: summertime sterling silver! Think simple, stylish and chic, but light and contemporary enough to give off that summer vibe we’re all craving.

Statement Pendant Necklaces

There are certain types of sterling silver jewellery which just scream summertime, and the statement pendant necklace is one of them.

To recreate that Greek island, sunkissed summer vibe, choose something like a lucky sixpence charm on a fine chain. This has an element of boho to it but is still classy and grown up. If you have a lucky sixpence which was minted in a year significant to you and you love bespoke jewellery, Ilford serving E.K. Jewellers can even create a unique piece especially for you.

Alternatively, why not check out the Kit Heath range which we stock? Kit’s Coast Pebble Beach double ring pendant necklace is ideal for that summer feel in sterling silver.

The Beach Bangle

Bangles will be big business this summer, so why not go for something which you won’t lose on the beach? We love expandable bangles as they still have the same solid, simple feel about them as a traditional bangle but their clever full-circle expandable mechanism means that they won’t fall off your wrist while out and about exploring the sights of your summer destination.

Why not visit your local jeweller in Ilford to see what bangles they have in stock? And if you want a bangle suitable for the beach, why not see what they’d recommend and buy something which will allow you to leave your more precious, expensive pieces safe and sound at home?

Sterling Studs

Sterling silver stud earrings are ideal for holidays and warm weather. They allow you to tie your hair up without overpowering the rest of your outfit, and they are unlikely to be lost whilst out and about. Why not choose a summertime motif and opt for a silver anchor stud, or perhaps some tiny starfish?

Stacking Bracelets

Stacking bracelets are a staple of any summer jewellery wardrobe, but they don’t have to be made from leather thongs and brightly coloured beads. Fine chain bracelets with a small charm, small sterling silver beads threaded together and simple bangles can all be stacked together to achieve the same look, but on a much more grown up scale.

No matter whether you’re looking for ready-made summertime pieces, or require a piece of bespoke jewellery Ilford customers can visit E.K. Jewellers for their summer jewellery needs. We always have a large range of in-stock sterling silver jewellery, so there is bound to be something that gives you that summery feel!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.