The Do’s and Don’ts of Watch Battery Replacement

When your watch battery dies, it can be really frustrating. Not only can you no longer wear your watch until you get the battery changed (anyone else get that ‘naked’ feeling when they’re not wearing a watch every day?!) but it can be difficult to know where to turn for a new watch battery. Which is why, as a trusted local jeweller, we like to take away that stress from our clients. Here are our do’s and don’ts of watch battery replacement.

Don’t: Replace your Watch Battery Yourself

If you have a supply of button batteries at home, you may be tempted to replace your watch battery yourself. However, we’d always advise against this.

Firstly, you could cause serious damage, or even destroy, your watch if you don’t have the right tools to open the casing and replace it again. Secondly, watches consist of many tiny pieces and moving parts, and you don’t want to break your watch by losing the tiniest spring or screw as you prise the back open.

Thirdly, watch batteries come in all different sizes and voltages, and it’s important that you use the correct one for your timepiece. It’s always best therefore to leave changing your watch battery to the professionals.

Do: Think Carefully about “Where can I get my Watch Battery replaced near me?”

Once you’ve decided that it’s best to leave your watch battery replacement to the experts, you still need to think carefully about where to change a watch battery. By this we mean that you need to decide who you should trust with your precious timepiece.

Always choose a jeweller who carries out watch battery replacement on the premises, rather than sending it off for repair, because this will minimise the risk of your watch being lost in transit.

Don’t: Forget to Have your Watch Serviced Regularly

It’s always a good move to have your watch serviced regularly. This will not only keep your watch ticking away nicely, but you may be able to have your watch battery replaced and have your watched serviced at the same time. Ask your local jeweller whether you ought to have your watch serviced alongside the battery replacement and kill two birds with one stone!

Do: Remember to Ask How Much your New Watch Battery will Cost

The cost of a new watch battery and the fitting of the battery can vary widely from provider to provider, as well as due to watch type. With this in mind, it’s a good idea to ask your chosen jeweller how much it will cost to replace the battery upfront so that you can budget accordingly.

And Something you Should Definitely do? Visit E.K. Jewellers!

Here at E.K. Jewellers, we carry out all watch battery replacements and servicing on the premises. Hainault and Ilford customers can therefore rest assured that their precious timepieces are safe in our hands. Ask us about a new watch battery replacement today to keep you ticking over! 

Posted on by Ian Tubby.