The Importance of Professional Vintage Jewellery Cleaning and Repairs

Vintage jewellery is vintage for a reason: it’s been well loved, cherished and handed down the generations. But if you’ve ever been given a piece of vintage jewellery, or have bought one at a vintage fair, you may well have noticed that it’s lost a bit of its sparkle.

Over time, vintage jewellery often becomes tarnished or broken, just through the nature of wear and tear. And yet heritage and vintage pieces still stand the test of time, just because they’re so very beautiful and therefore well loved. So what do you do if you find yourself in possession of a vintage piece of jewellery? Have it professionally cleaned and repaired by a jeweller in Woodford or surrounds, of course!

Why is it so Important to have Vintage Jewellery Professionally Cleaned?

By taking your heirloom pieces to be cleaned professionally, you can rest assured that you won’t be causing any further damage to the pieces. Vintage pieces often have a build-up of grime on them, simply due to everyday wear: lotion and soaps build up around stone settings, certain metals tarnish and strings become dirty from contact with skin and clothing.

Some people think that they can attempt to clean vintage pieces at home, and of course you can try, but you may end up causing more harm than good. For example, you may tarnish metal further still.

Similarly, certain stones need certain detergents to clean them without causing damage. If you’re not sure exactly what stone is in your piece, take it to a professional jeweller who carries out vintage jewellery cleaning on site. Independent jewellers Woodford wide and in the surrounding areas will offer this service.

Does your Jewellery need more than a Clean?

If you suspect that your jewellery is damaged in any way, or is about to become damaged, do not attempt to clean it yourself. If a gemstone is cracked or scratched, and you attempt an amateur clean, you may weaken the stone. And if a stone’s setting is loose, you could lose the whole stone by cleaning the piece at home, which is a costly mistake to make.

Furthermore, pearls or strings of beads may need restringing entirely, and this may not be clear from a homemade clean; a professional jeweller will see instantly that beaded and pearl jewellery needs to be restrung, and will often suggest this rather than just giving the piece a clean.

What about Vintage Watches?

When it comes to the importance of a professional clean, watches should definitely be included. Attempting a home service on an heirloom watch could stop it from working entirely. Having it professionally serviced and cleaned will keep it ticking over nicely. Jewellers who can supply a new watch battery Woodford wide will often be able to offer a watch service on site.

If you have a vintage piece of jewellery, look no further than E.K. Jewellers. For jewellery repairs Woodford residents and those in the surrounding areas can trust, we carry out all of our jewellery repairs on site. We’re located just a short distance from Woodford, and we’ll give your vintage jewellery a new lease of life with our professional cleaning and service.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.