The Ultimate Guide to Jewellery Cleaning

At this time of year our thoughts often turn to giving our homes a freshen-up. Our wardrobe starts changing as we pack away the chunky knits in favour of lighter clothes, and we hope that in the coming weeks ahead, all those things we associate with spring and summer will start to come out of the woodwork again. So why not take this opportunity to freshen up your jewellery too?

Whether you have pieces which need a good clean, could do with a little extra sparkle or, indeed, need to be repaired, now is the time to sort out what needs to be done to restore your jewellery back to its former glory.

Spring Clean your Jewellery

Some pieces will require a simple spring clean to get them looking sparkly and fresh ready for the summer season ahead. Day to day wear can leave jewellery looking grubby and tarnished, and a spring clean can bring pieces back to life.

If you do feel that your jewellery is looking a little lacklustre, then it’s best to have it cleaned by a jeweller who specialises in jewellery repairs on the premises. They will be able to clean the piece on site for you, so that it does not become lost in transit. It’s always wise to have your jewellery professionally cleaned, rather than attempting a DIY job at home, as some precious metals require special treatment to ensure that they do not become discoloured or tarnished during the cleaning process.

Spring Sparkle for your White Gold Jewellery

If you have any white gold pieces of jewellery that have become a little lacklustre, did you know have the rhodium plating replaced? Over time, the rhodium plating, which gives white gold jewellery its silver colouring, will discolour and turn slightly yellow as the yellow gold underneath the rhodium starts to show through.

To keep your white gold looking its silvery best, a local jeweller who carries out rhodium plating on the premises will be able to re-dip the pieces. By re-plating your jewellery, it will give it back its silver colour.

Jewellery Repairs Ready for Spring

Of course, sometimes your jewellery needs more than a simple clean. If you have some favourite pieces of jewellery which are broken, why not consider having it repaired ready for your spring wardrobe? Broken bracelet links can be fixed, stones can be reset and pearls and beaded pieces can be restrung.

If you have a piece which is no longer your taste, then why not have it completely remodelled for spring? We can take a piece which is not being worn because you’re not keen on it and give it a spring makeover to transform it into a piece which you’ll love and wear regularly. Choose a jeweller who carries out jewellery repairs on the premises so you can ensure your piece will not be lost in transit, and get ready to enjoy your jewellery again.

Get your Jewellery Ready for Spring

Whatever your jewellery needs to be spring ready, E.K. Jewellers can make your pieces fit for your spring and summer wardrobe. We carry out all our repairs, cleans and services on site, so you can rest assured your precious pieces will not be lost. Feel free to see how we can help you to spring clean your jewellery!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.