The Ultimate Guide to Watch Battery Replacement

Got questions about changing a watch battery? Wondering if you can replace your watch battery yourself? Before you give it a go, read on for our ultimate guide to watch battery replacement.

Can you replace a watch battery yourself?

If your watch battery dies and you can’t get to a local jeweller, it can be tempting to try the DIY route. But can you replace a watch battery yourself?

In theory it is possible to change a watch battery yourself, but as experienced jewellers we wouldn’t recommend it. The reason being is that although it’s possible to open the casing of the face of your watch, it is easy to damage it. Similarly, the working parts of any watch are usually tiny. You don’t want to lose a tiny screw or spring whilst in the process of trying to change your watch battery. And even if you do manage to renew the battery, you may struggle to replace the casing correctly.

It’s also worth noting that if you attempt to replace the battery on a water resistant watch, you may not be able to reseal it properly or test it for water resistance. An experienced local jeweller will be able to pressure test the watch to make sure the water resistance matches that noted on the back of the watch casing.

Our best advice for changing a watch battery is to take it to a local jeweller who specialises in watch battery replacement on site.

How to replace watch batteries?

A jeweller will first identify the type of watch casing. It could be a casing secured by screws, a screw on cover or a snap-on cover.

Snap-on covers tend to be the most popular watch casings, and the hardest to remove and replace. The jeweller will locate the lip on the back of the cover and then use a very small, flat screwdriver to wedge underneath the cover and gently push down on it to lever it off. Underneath is a plastic protection cover which the jeweller will remove with a special tool. It is vital to be very careful at this stage not to touch any part of the mechanism as it is easily damaged.

The battery is now clearly visible and held in place by two metal clips overlapping the edges. One of these will be moveable in order to replace the battery. The jewellery will very gently pull this clip away to free the battery, taking care not to touch the mechanism. The battery can now be replaced.

Once done, it’s time to carefully replace the plastic insert, checking that it aligns with the adjustment screws. It’s crucial to be very gentle when doing so as there is a risk of damaging the mechanism. Finally, the cover can be replaced.

It’s worth noting that whilst it’s possible in theory to replace a watch battery yourself, it’s a very delicate procedure, which if done incorrectly or without the correct tools, could render the mechanism of your watch broken.

How much does it cost to replace a watch battery?

Replacing a watch battery is a relatively inexpensive task. Here at E.K. Jewellers in Hainault we will usually charge anything from £5 to £10, depending on the make of watch and battery type.

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We can replace watch batteries on site so there’s no risk of your precious timepiece being lost in transit, and can also pressure test water resistant watches once the battery has been replaced.

Yes, you can replace a watch battery at home, but this is no replacement for the expertise of your local jeweller. Our ultimate watch battery replacement advice? Visit E.K. Jewellers for watch battery replacements on site.

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