Think your Jeweller just Sells Jewellery? Think Again!

As a local jeweller, it’s expected that we sell jewellery. Yes, of course, this is a huge aspect of our day-to-day work, and we love helping people pick special pieces for themselves and their loved ones. But did you know that we often offer many other services besides jewellery?

When it comes to local jewellers, Woodford, Hainault and Ilford customers might be surprised to find that there’s much more besides jewellery within our stock here at E.K. Jewellers …

Jewellery Valuations

Jewellery valuations are an important part of our business, and we pride ourselves on giving accurate, meticulous valuations which are suitable for use by insurance companies to fully insure your precious pieces.

In the event of a loss or theft of any of your jewellery, having your pieces fully documented and valued will speed up any claims process and will ensure that you get the full value refunded to you, minus any policy excesses.

Jewellery Repairs

Repairing special pieces for our customers not only gives us great satisfaction, but it also gives treasured jewellery a new lease of life. Local jewellers will undertake repairs ranging from rhodium plating of white gold jewellery through to resetting stones, fixing broken links and general polishing and cleaning.

Don’t forget that by taking your jewellery to be repaired at a local jewellers, your precious pieces are more likely to stay on site, as most independent jewellery shops will undertake all of their repairs in house rather than sending them away. This means that there is no risk of a piece being lost in transit.

Remodelling of jewellery is also carried out on site, so if you’ve got a piece that you no longer wear because it doesn’t suit your taste any more, or you have an heirloom piece that isn’t your style, feel free to bring it in to see what we could do with it.


Looking for a special gift but don’t specifically want jewellery? Remember that your local jeweller will often sell giftware, too! From silver photo frames to clocks and statuettes, you’re sure to find something suitable at your jewellers.

Watch Services

If you’ve got a special timepiece that’s in need of a bit of TLC, head to your local jewellers. We’re happy to carry out servicing and watch repairs, and have a range of replacement straps in stock, too.

So for everything from that special gift through to a new watch battery, Woodford customers should look no further than their local jewellery shop. Oh and we also sell a great range of jewellery, too!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.