Three Festive Jewellery Trends You Won’t be Expecting

At about this time every year the shops become flooded with festive jewellery. We can expect the usual: reindeer antler tiaras, bauble earrings and snowflakes galore. Whether you’re a tinsel lover or prefer something much subtler, Christmas jewellery can be done to a greater or lesser degree. However, regardless of this fact, some of us just don’t want to be rocking Rudolf inspired pieces, or jaunty pieces of costume jewellery.

Which is why, this year, we’re pleased to see that there are plenty of other trends which are flooding the shops during the festive season. We bet you won’t be expecting these…but we also bet you won’t be able to resist them!

Heart Motifs

Not your traditional Christmas motif, but hearts are everywhere at the moment. They need to be quite solid and chunky to be on trend, and you can even go a little bit bold and coloured if it takes your fancy. How about a gorgeous emerald green heart so that it’s in keeping with Christmas colours?

Hard Shapes

Again, another trend that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the festive season, hard geometric shapes are on trend this winter. Kit Heath is the go-to for this type of jewellery. The likes of their Twine, Miniature Rain and Double Petal ranges have exactly the sharp angles that you can expect to see on the catwalks this winter.

The Twine range are particularly festive, however, as they are encrusted in pavecubic zirconia, to give that Christmas sparkle that we all know and love so much.

Chandelier Earrings

This is something that many people can get on board with when it comes to Christmas jewellery. Many people associate dangly, chandelier earrings with sparkle, and if ever there is a time to wear such pieces, Christmas parties are it.

Of course, you can go down the traditional sparkly route, and look blinging gorgeous. But if you want something a little different this year, why not ask your local jeweller to create a pair of chandelier earrings which incorporate different stones on the end of each strand? This will give an almost cosmic feel to the piece, which will make you stand out from the crowd!

No matter whether you want to go down the traditional jewellery route this winter, or would rather set yourself apart from the crowds, E.K. Jewellers can help. As trusted local jewellers Hainault and Ilford based customers have come to know and love, we are happy to advise on Christmas trends new and old this festive season!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.