Three Reasons to love Bespoke Jewellery

Sometimes, you can go through your whole jewellery collection and not find anything at all that suits the outfit you have in mind. Sometimes, you just want to give someone that you love a really special present. And sometimes, we just want something which is uniquely, truly ours.

And these reasons are just some of the reasons why we love handmade jewellery so much. There are lots of great reasons to buy a bespoke piece of jewellery, but these are three of our favourites.

1. The Story

All handmade jewellery has a story, some more complicated than others. It may well be as simple as you needed a bespoke piece of jewellery made for a specific outfit: for example, your bridal jewellery for your wedding day. But even that has its own romantic side, and you’ll have reasons as to why you choose the stones, metals and design that you do.

Even if your handmade jewellery isn’t for a specific special occasion, it will have a story behind it. You’ll likely choose a design which means something to you, or you may be having an heirloom piece remodelled, but no matter what you choose, that piece will always have a story, which we’ll bet you’ll recount to anyone that comments on your bespoke jewellery for years to come.

2. The Quirks

All handmade jewellery is of course unique. That’s what makes it so special. But sometimes it’s a little bit quirky too.

Obviously there are different levels of handmade jewellery, but take, for example, a piece which has been hand stamped: the stamping may have slight quirks and irregularities due to the way that it has been made.

Similarly, if you’re having an heirloom piece remodelled, it may be that your jeweller has to match new stones with old, or add new beads if you’re having an old necklace restrung, which may give it a few little quirks.

There’s nothing at all wrong with this, it’s all part of handmade jewellery’s charm, but if you’re worried speak to your jeweller about how you can have your piece made as precisely as possible. Just as you may want something quirky, it’s also possible to make something perfect and still unique to you.

3. The Personalisation 

The best part of custom made jewellery is the fact that it’s completely unique to you. It’s also fully customisable. This means that you can often adapt a design, with the help of your jeweller, to include certain stones, using a particular metal, adding in engravings and different elements of design.

Visit EK Jewellers if you’ve decided that it’s time to own your own piece of handmade jewellery. Unique jewellery lovers in Barkingside, Chigwell, Gidea Park, Loughton, Ilford, Woodford and Hainault can happily visit us to discuss your needs; bespoke jewellery is worth getting right. Handmade jewellery is more than just unique, it’s something to celebrate your story, your quirks and your personality.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.