Three Watch Trends to Watch this Autumn

For many, their timepiece will never go out of style. But it has to be said that the humble watch isn’t immune to fashion trends. This autumn, there are three trends jewellers are loving. And if you don’t want to update to the latest fashion? Then a new watch battery or watch band will bring your watch bang up to date instead.

1.  Colourful Faces

When it comes to watches, blue and green are the new black this autumn! Autumn is the season of colour, so this doesn’t surprise us, and it does make for a striking change if you’re used to wearing a white or black watch face. Deep jewel tones are the most popular coloured faces, especially when teamed with a strong silver or grey leather watch band.

As an alternative to a colourful watch face, if you have a watch which has seen better days or requires a new band, why not opt for a blue or green replacement leather band? Your local jeweller in Woodford will easily be able to supply you with a suitable watch band and, if necessary, a new watch battery, to bring your timepiece in line with the latest autumn watch trends.

2.  Small Sizes

There has been a trend in recent years for oversized watches. But actually, this autumn, watches are shrinking in size and are becoming more delicate. Both women’s and men’s timepieces are scaling down, with smaller faces and narrower bands.

You may, therefore, already have a watch which suits this season’s trends languishing in a drawer somewhere. If so, Woodford based jewellers and those in the surrounds can easily fit a new watch battery and, if needed, a new band, to allow you to re-purpose an old trend so that it fits the new trend.

3.  Vintage Timepieces

The love of all things vintage continues on the watch front this autumn! This could either be a new watch which has a hint of retro about it - such as an Art Deco feel to it, or perhaps even something a little funky and seventies or eighties looking – or it could be a heirloom timepiece which you bring back to life with a new watch battery. Woodford jewellers can help with both of these options.

If you’re looking for an on trend timepiece this autumn, visit E.K. Jewellers. Woodford based watch lovers can easily stop by, being just a short hop away. We can carry out watch repairs and fit a new watch battery on site. And we also offer a range of in stock timepieces, ready to ensure that you’re bang on trend this autumn!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.