Tips for Extending the Life of your Watch and its Battery

Whether you spend a lot of money on a watch or opt for a more budget friendly high fashion timepiece, you would have chosen it because you love it. And that means that it’s important to look after it to extend its life for as long as possible.

There are a few tips you can use to both extend the life of your watch overall, and keep its battery running for as long as possible. And when you need a new watch battery, your local jeweller can fit one in next to no time!


A few pointers regarding winding your watch include:

·  Never wind your watch whilst wearing it; this puts undue strain on the mechanism and certain parts of the case.

·  Put automatic watches on a winding unit when not in use, but make sure that it is not running constantly. By running it constantly the watch will be fully wound the whole time which puts too much strain on the mechanism.

·  Try to avoid winding the watch backwards, particularly on mechanical watches. The mechanism in mechanical watches is designed to move forward, so winding it backwards will put undue stress on the timepiece.


Common sense should prevail when wearing your watch. For example, keep your watch cool and dry and avoid extremes of temperature such as wearing it whilst on the beach, or in a sauna. Take your watch off for every day household chores such as cleaning so as to avoid contact with moisture and cleaning chemicals.


Once every one to two weeks, wipe the grime off of the face and casing of the watch and the watch strap. Remember that if it is being worn every day it’s likely to get mucky.

Remember to take it for regular servicing, too. Always use a jeweller that carries out repairs on the premises to minimise the risk of your time piece being lost in transit. How often you have your watch serviced will depend on the type of watch it is, so seek the advice of your local jeweller.


Although it can be difficult to actively extend the life of your watch’s battery, there are certain things that you can do to help it. Avoiding extremes of temperature as mentioned above will help, for example.

Similarly, for sports or smart watches with additional functions other than just time keeping, you may wish to switch off all additional features when not in use, as this will help to preserve the battery life. Some watches have a chronograph feature, also known as a stop watch feature, and turning this off will help the battery life.

If you have a dress watch that you only wear occasionally, some jewellers suggest pulling out the crown – the ‘stopper’ – so that the battery only runs when being worn, thus saving it between wears.

And if you do need a new watch battery, Ilford, Chigwell and Barkingside watch owners and those from other nearby areas should be sure to have it fitted professionally. This will always extend the life of your watch. Visit EK Jewellers in nearby Hainault for an extensive range of watch batteries to suit your needs.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.