To Solder or not to Solder: Should you Join your Wedding and Engagement Rings?

How many times a day do you estimate that you set your wedding and engagement rings straight on your finger? If your wedding rings twist, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about!

If you wear both an engagement and wedding ring, or even an eternity ring as well, often all of them end up twisting in the wrong direction, and it can get a little annoying, to say the least.

There is something that you can do, however, to stop this niggle. Many jewellers are offering the service of soldering rings together as part of their regular jewellery repairs; Woodford brides, and others nearby, can benefit from this service from EK Jewellers.

To Solder?

Why should you solder your rings? Well, as already mentioned, the main reason to solder your rings together is to stop ring movement. Perhaps your engagement ring is top heavy due to its stone setting, or maybe the rings just aren’t that well fitting, but either way, this will make the rings move in the same direction.

Similarly, if the rings aren’t moving, there isn’t as much wear and tear taking place, which will mean that you’ll need fewer future jewellery repairs. Woodford newlyweds are also telling us that they often just like the look of the rings better after soldering, when the stones are always lined up, for example.

Or Not to Solder?

Having thought through the benefits, you should still think carefully before joining your rings. Speak to your jeweller about how the rings will feel once joined, as the additional metal to join them will make the rings feel heavier, and you simply might not like the feel.

The main reason to keep rings as two separate entities is flexibility: sometimes it might be nice to leave your big diamond at home and just wear your wedding band, for example if you’re headed off on a beach holiday.

Furthermore, we have heard stories of brides losing both rings - for example, when taking the rubbish out and not realising that they’ve slipped into the rubbish bag – which is terribly sad, particularly as it may have been the case that only one would have been lost if they had been separate.

Just a few things to think through before opting for this service through local jewellery repairs, Woodford brides.

Things to Consider when Soldering your Rings:

If you do opt to solder your rings together, as many brides do, speak to your jeweller about how you want the rings to look and feel.

You’ll want to make sure that any stones are lined up, and similarly, make sure that they are joined in such a way that there is still enough room in both rings for your finger to fit comfortably.

Whether you’re looking to have your rings soldered together, or just need another service, such as stone resetting, cleaning or other jewellery repairs, Woodford serving EK Jewellers will be happy to help. We’ll talk you through your options before carrying out any repairs that will majorly alter your piece, so you can be sure to make the right decision.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.