Top Tips on How to Care for your Jewellery Better in 2018

If you received a beautiful new piece of jewellery for Christmas, or perhaps were lucky enough to say yes to a Christmas proposal, you’ll no doubt have every intention of looking after your jewellery to the best of your ability. Whenever we fall in love with a new piece of jewellery, we all want to make sure it stays as shiny and beautiful as the day we received it.

But let’s face it, often life gets in the way and it happens to the best of us: we just don’t look after our jewellery as well as we should. It languishes in a jewellery box somewhere and before we know it it’s a tangled, tarnished, broken mess.

Sound familiar? If so, here’s how to look after your jewellery better this year:

This year, I promise to…

  • Take my jewellery off before showering, bathing, swimming, cleaning and applying creams and perfumes: by doing this, our jewellery is less likely to become tarnished and go off colour.
  • Wear my jewellery regularly: particularly when it comes to silver jewellery, leaving it languishing in a drawer or jewellery box can mean that it becomes tarnished.
  • Safely store my jewellery: by storing jewellery either in the boxes it originally came in, or in a jewellery box with specific compartments for different types of jewellery, you are reducing the risk of it becoming broken.
  • Make sure my jewellery is adequately insured: ensuring jewellery is adequately insured will mean that you will at least be covered financially should your precious pieces become lost or stolen.

This year, I will try to have…

  • My watches and precious jewellery serviced regularly: try to have your watches, and any precious jewellery, checked and serviced once a year. Jewellers Woodford wide and beyond will be able to offer a complete service and new watch battery as necessary. Remember to use a jeweller that carries out jewellery repairs and services on the premises, such as E.K. Jewellers, just a short distance from Woodford.
  • Any pearls or gemstone necklaces restrung as necessary: remember that any necklaces which are made from strung beads or pearls should be checked regularly for wear and tear. Once a year or so, you may need them restrung.
  • My jewellery professionally cleaned: this will bring the sparkle back to your jewellery. You may also need white gold jewellery re-plated to bring it back to its brilliant silver self.

This year, I will not…

  • Attempt to clean my jewellery myself: This can do so much harm; please don’t do it!
  • Trust a jeweller that carries out repairs off-site: by doing so, you’ll be running the risk of your jewellery becoming lost in transit.
  • Leave my jewellery languishing in drawers and boxes: your beautiful jewellery deserves to be loved and worn! So if it’s seen better days, why not follow some of the points above and make sure that it does get worn this year?
If you want to take better care of your jewellery this year, visit and use local jewellers, Woodford residents. E.K. Jewellers is just a short hop from Woodford, and is a great place to start for jewellery care and repairs carried out on site.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.