Unique Mother’s Day Jewellery for your Uniquely Special Mum

Jewellery makes a fantastic gift for Mother’s Day. It’s special, it’s sentimental, and is something that you mum will treasure for much longer than a lovely - but short-lived - bunch of daffodils.

So whilst jewellery is a really thoughtful and special gift to give to your mum, how do you make it as unique as your mum herself? Here’s how your local jewellers in Hainault can add a touch of unique you to your Mother’s Day jewellery gift this year:

Fingerprint Jewellery

As unique as they come, fingerprint jewellery has been popular for a while. It’s so special to wear the marks of the little fingers of the little hands you hold on a pendant around your neck, which is why it makes for such a beautiful gift.

However, if you want your fingerprint jewellery to stand out from the crowd even more than the unique fingerprint will do for itself, think about displaying it slightly differently. By this we mean a pendant which has been cut into a heart shape, for example, where the fingerprint fills the whole space, with no empty space around the edges.

Alternatively, take the delicacy of the fingerprint and enclose it in a bold, solid ring setting to give it a modern edge.

Silhouette Jewellery

A modern twist on the cameo, how about giving your mum or wife a pendant with a silhouette of their child cut out from it? As this piece will need to be made bespoke to your requirements, ask your jeweller in Hainault if they can actually make two pieces for you: one pendant which is circular with the silhouette cut out, and one which is the cut out itself. Two gifts in one!

Mother Nature Jewellery

What better motherhood role model is there than Mother Nature herself?! Gift a piece of jewellery which has been inspired by nature, such as tiny family tree earrings or pendants. A natural choice for Mother’s Day jewellery, and you could perhaps embed it with the birthstones of the children.

Alternatively, how about a nest with gemstone eggs? A mother creates a safe nest around her children, and once again the birthstones of the children could be used as the gemstone eggs. Your local jeweller in Hainault will easily be able to recreate a metal nest in either gold, white gold or silver and set the gemstones within it. This could be a particularly poignant piece from a grown up child who has not long left home, especially as a reminder that even if they have flown the nest, they’ll always be back to visit.

For bespoke jewellery pieces, look no further than E.K. Jewellers, Hainault. We create bespoke jewellery on site, to make something which is completely unlike anything you’ll find elsewhere. So no matter what you choose to give your mum this Mother’s Day, make it as unique as she is.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.