Wedding Rings: New, Upcycled or Bespoke?

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll no doubt be adding little touches here and there which will put your own special stamp on your day. In contrast to the unique qualities that many couples bring to their wedding day, most people believe that when it comes to their wedding rings, they should conform to the norm. But that’s simply not the case!

You can absolutely choose something that suits your style, and to achieve this you may wish to think about whether your ring should be something brand new but ready to wear, something tailored just for you, or alternatively, something that little bit different created from an item which has been upcycled.

For all types of jewellery, whether it’s ready to wear, upcycled or bespoke, engaged couples should think about what will best suit their tastes. Not sure? Here’s our handy guide.

New and Ready to Wear Jewellery

If your style is more conservative and traditional, then you might want to stick with a ready to wear ring. There’s nothing wrong with this at all – indeed, most engaged pairs opt for ready to wear jewellery – and just because you’ve bought something off the shelf it doesn’t mean it’s boring.

There are plenty of ways to inject your personality into a ready to wear ring, including:

·  Opting for a colour other than the normal yellow or white gold. How about rose gold or black, for example?

·  Choosing stacking rings and wearing them together to create one wedding band and a unique look from more than one ready to wear piece.

·  Having a simple ready-made ring engraved with a special message.

Choosing a ready to wear wedding ring and adding a simple twist such as those listed above is a great halfway house between having something bespoke and opting for a straightforward ready-made piece.

Upcycled Jewellery

Upcycled wedding rings are really unusual, and therefore are not for the fainthearted. If you opt for an upcycled ring, choose wisely, as your wedding ring needs to see you through life. If it’s too quirky, therefore, it may not match your everyday style or you may fall out of love with it after a while.

Some unusual but beautiful upcycled rings we’ve seen recently have included those made from old coins or silver spoons or forks which have been melted down and remodelled into a stunning wedding ring. Lucky sixpences are extremely popular coins to be made into wedding rings, for the obvious reasons of bringing luck to the newlyweds and completing the traditional ‘Something Old, Something New’ rhyme!

Alternatively, if you’ve inherited an heirloom ring from a family member, having this slightly altered or redesigned is another form of upcycling. This is not only a great way of bringing a potentially unloved ring back to life, but it creates for the wearer a unique piece of semi-bespoke jewellery.

Bespoke Jewellery

Bespoke jewellery really is something extra special. If you have something created just for you, no other bride or groom will have it. This means that you can choose to have something made which perhaps suits your everyday style, especially if your everyday style is a little different to the norm, or you can design something which has significance and meaning to you as a couple.

You can also create matching his and hers rings with bespoke jewellery. Ilford brides and grooms, feel free to talk through designs that would suit both of you but still have matching elements with our experienced jewellers here at EK Jewellers.

Choosing a wedding ring is a huge decision, and therefore picking a type of ring style from new to upcycled or even bespoke is something you need to consider carefully. Perhaps one style will suit the bride, and another suit the groom, so think about this if you would like something which matches each other.

Need help with this important decision? Speak to EK Jewellers for advice on what ring type would suit you best!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.