When can Children Start Wearing Jewellery?

Many children enjoy dressing up, or just accessorising with jewellery, but have you ever stopped to think about when is a good time to give a child certain pieces of jewellery?

As a general rule, children under the age of 3 shouldn’t wear jewellery (although there are specific amber teething necklaces which can be worn from about 6 months under supervision), but what sort of jewellery do you give beyond this point? As a trusted jeweller in Ilford, we hope you’ll find our buying guide to children’s jewellery a helpful resource:

Age 3+

From about age 3 upwards, children often enjoy the grown up feeling of wearing costume jewellery. Many high street shops and jewellers sell a range of plastic jewellery in bright colours which is safe for children to wear.

Obviously safety is the priority, so ensure that your child isn’t about to put any small pieces in their mouth that could be choked on, and if a beaded bracelet breaks, make sure the beads are taken away immediately so that they can’t be swallowed.

Your child may already be lucky enough to own a slightly more special piece of jewellery, of course, if they were given a Christening bracelet when young. If this is bangle style with a split in the band, it should be flexible enough that your child can wear it from when they are small right up until approximately 10 years old.

Age 8+

If you haven’t already been pestered to do so, at about this age your child might be asking you if they can have their ears pierced. If you say yes, letting them choose a pair of inexpensive, but hypoallergenic, earrings is a great way to teach responsibility.

Make sure your child is clear that if they wear the earrings, they must take every care not to lose one or both to help them to learn about the value of goods.

If you’re not sure that your child is quite there yet in terms of responsibility, compromise by letting them wear them on special occasions only but make sure they are aware that they are accountable for them.

Age 12+

Of course, at the age of 12 you are fast approaching the teenage years!

At this age, many parents are ready to make the decision as to whether their pre-teen is responsible enough to own and wear slightly more expensive jewellery. By giving a more special piece of jewellery you are also showing your young adult that you trust them to look after the piece.

Many children of this age will be starting to develop their own style, so why not take them to your localjewellerand have them involved in choosing a piece?

Age 15+

By this age, most young adults will be well acquainted with jewellery and will almost definitely have their own sense of style! If you’re choosing a special piece, make sure it complements that style; a good choice for teenagers of this age is the charm bracelet, as they can gradually customise it over time with different charms of their choosing.

No matter what age your child, as an experienced jeweller in Ilford we’ll be happy to help you make the right decision on children’s jewellery. Stocking everything from the Kit Heath children’s range through to watches suitable for young people, at EK Jewellers you can find everything you need for your child’s first jewellery collection.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.