Where will your Bespoke Jewellery Journey take you?

Embarking on designing a piece of bespoke jewellery is more than simply purchasing a new accessory. In fact, we’d say that when you start the handmade jewellery design process, it’s actually more of a journey from start to finish, and even beyond! So where will your bespoke jewellery journey take you?

The Journey of a Milestone Piece

Often, when we’re approached about handmade jewellery designs, it’s because someone wants to celebrate a special occasion or a milestone and immortalise it in jewellery. And why not? Any milestone or special occasion has been a journey to reach, and it’s important to celebrate it.

Start your handmade bespoke jewellery journey with your local jeweller. Tell them what you’re celebrating, and they will be able to bring that to life in their creations, ready for you to wear as an everyday piece, or a special occasion piece, depending on the journey it’s designed for.

The Journey of an Heirloom Piece

Custom jewellery doesn’t have to be about purely new pieces being designed. Often, the journey to a bespoke piece of jewellery starts with a previous owner. Their stories, milestones and tastes are entwined within it. However, if you’ve been given a brooch, for example, which has been handed down the generations but perhaps isn’t your style, we can help to redesign it into something entirely different - a beautiful bespoke necklace perhaps? - to suit your tastes.

We love the fact that these pieces have a journey behind them: they have their own histories and stories, they have been handed down to the next generation with sentimentality attached and have been given to you for a reason. It’s not disrespectful therefore to turn it into something that you’d wear rather than letting it languish in a drawer or jewellery box. By changing it into something you love, you’ll be taking it on its next journey.

The Journey of a Bespoke Engagement Ring

Bespoke engagement rings are probably the most popular item we’re asked to design. And let’s face it, engagement rings are used at one of the most special points in a person’s journey of life, so it’s easy to see why.

The journey of a bespoke engagement ring starts with sentimentality and finishes with a proposal. We love hearing all of the stories behind a couple’s time together, and then bringing that to life in an engagement ring; an engagement ring that may then be taken to far flung places in the world for an exotic proposal, or to a couple’s happy place for an intimate, heartfelt proposal, or taken back to their home for a romantic, quiet proposal. And at that point, that’s really the start of the couple’s journey together…

Whatever your journey, E.K. Jewellers in Ilford can help you on your way with a piece of bespoke jewellery. We can create jewellery for exotic holidays, jewellery to mark a milestone within your life or the start of something special, or bring a cherished piece back to life, ready to wear in Ilford… and beyond!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.