Who says Engagement Rings can’t Break the Rules?

Recently, we’ve heard of lots of people being told that if they’re choosing an engagement ring, it shouldn’t be an unusual design. There’s a big school of thought that says that engagement rings should only be traditional in design. As experienced jewellers in Ilford, we’d like to categorically state that we do not belong to that school of thought!

We believe that an engagement ring should be something that is loved and cherished, and if that means that you pick something a little different, then great! Who says that you can’t have something outlandish if that’s your style? Here are our top ideas for stand-out engagement rings:

1.  The Beautiful Rough Diamond Ring

Most diamond engagement rings have a very set shape of diamond, usually the likes of round, pear, princess (square), marquise (oval) or emerald (oblong). But there’s something quite beautiful about the stone in its uncut, unpolished form.

Rough diamonds shouldn’t be overlooked, especially if you usually wear quite organic, statement pieces of jewellery. Ask your jeweller if they can obtain some rough diamonds that can then be set in a ring without any adornment or adjustments. Simply stunning!

2.  The Slice Ring

Slice rings are another take on the diamond or stone cut. Just as the name suggests, these rings literally feature a slice of a stone or stones, set on a band, to make a very even, smooth ring with a flat finish. Perfect if you want a statement piece with a classic twist!

3.  The Non-Diamond Ring

Of course, an engagement ring doesn’t have to be a diamond. If you fancy a ruby, an emerald, a sapphire, a black opal, a whatever, then go for it!

4.  The Oversized Ring

If the rest of your jewellery collection is quite bold and beautiful, then don’t be afraid to go oversized with your engagement ring, too. Other people may say that dainty is the way forward, but that’s not always the case. And just think, everyone will be jealous of your huge stone!

5.  The Shaped Ring

Don’t be fooled into thinking that your engagement ring has to be classic in style. If you’d rather have a ring that’s shaped into something that means something to you, then look to have a ring custom made into that design. Vintage rings, for example, would often be shaped into something very feminine, like a flower or filigree design.

Whatever your engagement ring dreams, you can make them come true. As an experienced Ilford jeweller, EK Jewellers have been trusted for many years to create bespoke pieces, as well as advise on the stock that we carry, so pop in and see how we can help you break the engagement ring rules!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.