Why Everyone Should Own at Least Two Watches

In this day and age, it’s true that we don’t really need to own a watch at all. We all carry around our own little pocket computer in the form of our mobile phone, and therefore we always have the time at our fingertips.

But for many – and particularly for the gentlemen out there, we’ve discovered – not wearing a watch is tantamount to leaving the house naked! Many people even go as far as to own more than one watch, and here at EK Jewellers, Ilford, this is something that we would encourage. Here’s why everyone should own at least two watches:

Suit the Occasion

The most obvious reason for owning two watches is to suit the occasion that you’re dressing for. Most people are lucky enough to be given a special watch for certain big birthdays or events at some point in their life, and this is the watch that we’ll treasure, bring out on special occasions and hand down to future generations.

But this watch often isn’t suitable for everyday wear, particularly if you work in a manual profession. Therefore, it’s advisable to have a second, more durable timepiece to wear day in, day out.

Suit your Outfit

Similarly, you may also wish to have a few reasonably priced watches to wear with different outfits. These could be made with different coloured straps, for example, or could be of different styles. For example, a digital watch will work well with casual weekend attire, but wouldn’t sit as well with a business suit.

Suit your Mood

Of course, as much as you need different watches for different occasions, you may just want a couple of different timepieces to suit your mood! If you’re off on holiday, for example, you may want a cheap novelty watch or a funky timepiece which won’t get ruined when you’re by the pool and will suit your carefree mood.

Just as importantly, sometimes you’ll need to be in a serious frame of mind, and for this we would suggest something simple and understated.

And what about when your watch is in need of repair?

As much as you might want a few different watches for a few different occasions, you will probably also want a watch for when yours is in need of a repair or a new watch battery. If you are one of the aforementioned people that feels naked without their watch on, this is all the more important!

Whatever your watch needs, as your trusted jeweller in Ilford, EK Jewellers have a selection of different watches available to you. Come in and have a browse; you’ll find something to suit the occasion, your outfit and your mood!

Posted on by Ian Tubby.