Why Handmade Jewellery Makes the Ultimate Christmas Gift

Jewellery gifting is always special, but handmade jewellery is the ultimate in special gifting. It’s the most personal type of jewellery you can give to a loved one, making it perfect for Christmas. Here’s why custom jewellery gifts make the perfect present this festive season.

Bespoke jewellery gifts are sentimental

There’s nothing more sentimental than something which has been custom made for the recipient. Handmade jewellery gifts really show your recipient how much you care. You’ve gone to the effort of consulting with your local jeweller to create a piece that is perfect for your recipient, and you can really fill it full of sentiment.

For example, you can use the birth stones of your recipient or of those people who are close to the recipient within the piece. This will not only make the piece unique and colourful, it will also have the sentiment of the birthstones behind it.

Similarly, you could choose to create something which represents your recipient, or represents you and your recipient together. This could be something as simple as their initial, or a heart shape, or could even be something more complicated to represent a hobby or past time that you enjoy together.

Custom jewellery gifts can be personalised

As well as handmade jewellery being bespoke in its shape and style, handmade jewellery can also be personalised. Personalised jewellery gifts can also be ready made – such as an engraved watch face, for example – but what better than having a piece of custom jewellery made with a specific date stamped on it, or a secret message engraved into it?

This could be a ring with a special date stamped on the inside of the band, or a secret message twist necklace which weaves a declaration of love in a spiral around the necklace chain or a leather thong. However you decide to personalise your jewellery, handmade jewellery is a great way of giving something personal.

Bespoke jewellery gifts are unusual

If you’ve been searching for the best jewellery Christmas gifts out there, then you won’t need to look much further than custom jewellery. When it comes to Christmas jewellery gift ideas, handmade jewellery really is one of a kind. So if you’ve got someone who is a little quirky to buy for this Christmas, or for someone who likes to have something unique, bespoke jewellery gifting could be for you.

Handmade jewellery gifts can suit your recipient’s style

The great thing about bespoke jewellery gifts is that it can be created to suit your recipient’s sense of style. Whether they prefer white gold, yellow gold, silver, or rose gold, for example, you can choose something to suit their preferences. Similarly, you can choose how chunky a chain a necklace is, or how dangly a pair of earrings are, and how delicate the pieces is. Not to mention which stones are used and, of course, the design of the piece of jewellery itself. Custom jewellery is a great way therefore to show someone how well you know and love them.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.