Why Handmade Jewellery Makes the Ultimate Gift for Someone Special

Jewellery has always made a special gift. But if you’re looking for something extra special to give a loved one, then handmade jewellery takes your jewellery gift up a level. Why does bespoke jewellery make such a special gift? Here are just a few reasons you should choose handmade jewellery for your next jewellery gift:

It’s one of a kind

The obvious reason that bespoke jewellery is the ultimate gift for someone special is that it’s exactly that: bespoke. By gifting a piece of custom jewellery, you are giving the gift of uniqueness. No one else will have a piece like it, and that in itself shows your recipient how special they are to you.

It can be personalised

As part of the fact that it’s a bespoke piece of jewellery, handmade jewellery can, of course, be personalised. Custom designed jewellery can be anything you want it to be: if can be a certain design, it can include certain metals and stones, and it can be created to suit your needs.

For example, if you and your recipient enjoy a certain hobby, why not have a necklace made with a pendant design that incorporates that hobby? Or if you have a special place that you enjoy, your design could incorporate something which reminds you of that place. And don’t forget that it can be made to fit, so there is no resizing or adjustment required. Speak to your local jeweller about how they can bring your design ideas to life.

It can suit your recipient’s style

When it comes to handmade jewellery, you can choose which gemstones and types of metals you wish to have the piece made from. This means that, alongside the design of the piece, you can ensure that the piece exactly suits the style of your recipient.

It can incorporate birthstones

Handmade birthstone jewellery is an extra special gift for anyone. Birthstones really show your recipient that you know and care about them, as you’re remembering their birthday within the piece.

Of course, you could choose a piece of jewellery which incorporates your recipients’ birthstones, or you could also choose a piece which uses the birthstones of their children. The latter makes for a beautiful gift for parents and grandparents. Why not incorporate the birthstones into a pendant, or a colourful ring?

It can be engraved with a special message

As part of the personalisation of your bespoke jewellery, you can have a special message engraved on the piece. This is particularly lovely for special birthdays, anniversaries or wedding pieces. In terms of the inscription, it could be the date that you’re marking, or it could be a special love note. Either way, speak to your local jeweller about whether an engraving is possible.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.