Will you say ‘I Do’ to the ‘Mengagement’ Ring?

In recent years it’s not just been the women in our lives that have been seen sporting diamonds on their ring fingers. No, indeed, the current trend is for men to wear an engagement ring; a ‘mengagement ring’, if you will!

The idea of men’s engagement rings has long been in fashion in South America where it’s commonplace for a man to wear a ring, and celebrities such as Michael Bublé are often seen sporting such jewellery as a sign of their commitment. But is this a trend for you?

Here are a few ideas from your local jeweller in Ilford to help you make the decision whether to sport a manly sparkler before your big day:

Manly Hands

Most traditional engagement rings for women are delicate, sparkly numbers. We recognise, however, that this often isn’t the sort of jewellery that most men want to wear! If you’re going to go for a ‘mengagement’ ring, we would suggest something simple and contemporary.

Remember that you’re going to have a wedding ring soon, too, so why not go for two smaller bands which when worn together form one larger band? If you do want something sparkly, we would suggest one small stone, embedded into the band, so as to not overpower your wedding ring when worn as a set.

Coloured Bands

If you don’t fancy the traditional gold or silver ring, why not go for something modern such as a black coloured ring? This will make for an unusual look, but remember that if you then want to wear it with your wedding ring, you’ll want both rings to either be made of the same material or of a complementary metal to each other.

Joined Together in Holy Matrimony

Something to consider if you’re looking to eventually wear only one ring once you are married is the possibility of choosing two rings which can be soldered together after your big day.

This is an increasingly popular trend for women, and we think it could work particularly well for men that want to wear an engagement ring initially which can then be made into part of their wedding ring.

And for Something Different…

Of course, not every man will be comfortable wearing an engagement ring, and that’s fine. If you do want to show a sign of your commitment, or if you’re a lady that wants to give a gift of jewellery to your fiancé to mark your engagement, how about choosing and wearing a special watch instead?

Timepieces never go out of fashion, and it’s something that you’ll want to wear for many years to come, so a watch is always a good choice upon an engagement.

Whether the ‘mengagement’ ring is for you or not, you’ll find a great selection of men’s and women’s engagement and wedding rings at EK Jewellers. Why not come along and browse our selection to help you decide whether a man’s engagement ring is for you?

Posted on by Ian Tubby.