Winter Jewellery Ideas to Warm Your Heart

Jewellery for the seasons is very on trend at the moment. With many more of us enjoying celebrating the change in the seasons nowadays, changing up our homes and our wardrobes to reflect the change in weather, we are reflecting those changes in our jewellery, too. And what better way to warm a winter heart than with these winter jewellery ideas?

Snowflake jewellery

The most classic piece of winter jewellery is snowflake jewellery. Snowflake jewellery immediately says winter jewellery, and can be worn both before and after Christmas.

There are several different ways you can go down the snowflake jewellery route. There’s the traditional snowflake motif, and then there are some other more contemporary snowflake styles of jewellery. For example, you could ask your local jeweller for a piece of handmade jewellery, which is made up completely of sparkle. Ask for a piece encrusted in diamonds to make the look of your snowflake jewellery more contemporary.

Winter sparkle

Of course, sparkly jewellery in itself is perfect for winter. Reflecting the icy conditions outside, adding a bit of sparkle to your wardrobe in the form of your jewellery is perfect for the cold and dreary winter months.

Sparkly drop chandelier earrings are great for any winter soirees you may have, and a simple sparkly pendant is perfect for both every day wear and those times when you want to dress up a simple outfit to take it from day to night.

Pearly white

Pearls are also popular as winter jewellery. Another wintry tone, the beautiful white shades which pearls come in make them the perfect choice for winter. They’re also a classic choice for all types of outfits, and can be paired with many different options, from knitwear through to a simple black dress, making them timeless when it comes to winter jewellery trends.

Irregular pearls will be big as part of this year’s winter jewellery trends, so don’t feel that you have to be completely classic in your pearl choices. Your local jeweller could also create you a piece of bespoke jewellery using irregular pearls, to create something really one of a kind for you this winter.

Winter blues

If you would like some colour in your winter jewellery, then why not opt for blue gemstones as part of your winter jewellery ideas? Blue still has those icy, wintry hues but is brighter than classic whites and clear sparkle.

Go for a cool blue like aquamarine to really give that wintry feel to your winter jewellery. You could even combine the blue tones with snowflake jewellery to hit two winter jewellery trends in one go!

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.