Winter Sparkle for Winter Weddings

Frost glistening off of a pristine lawn, untouched snowy gardens and crisp, clear skies: just a few of the beautiful reasons that you might choose to get married in the winter. For winter brides, jewellery can imitate nature, and by picking the right pieces you can sparkle just as much as that frost-bitten lawn.

If you’re struggling with icy inspiration for your festive wedding, here are just a few ideas from our Ilford and Woodford jeweller experts to warm your soul on a cold winter’s wedding day:

The Snow Queen

The obvious choice for a winter’s wedding is a piece that imitates nature. Follow in the footsteps of the Snow Queen and opt for delicate snowflake pieces which will sparkle alongside your dress and veil.

It’s important not to go overboard; a small snowflake pendant and matching earrings will be plenty, without making you look like an attendee at the novelty office Christmas party. With subtle snowy pieces, all you’ll need to complete the look is for the heavens to oblige with your very own snowfall!

A Princess of Sparkle

If the snowflake look isn’t your thing, opt for something a little less obvious. A discreet way of maintaining winter wedding style throughout your big day look is to just use glistening, sparkling gems to reflect the beautiful weather outside.

A bracelet made of tiny crystal beads, or drop cubic zirconia earrings are all you need; you don’t want to go overboard with the sparkle, especially if there are embellishments of bling on your dress and veil too.

An alternative to sparkle, if you’d rather wear jewellery which is white in colour rather than clear, are opal pieces. Opals are often overlooked as bridal gems, so if you want something a little bit different, they could be for you.

Little Red Riding Hood

Many brides that choose to get married over the festive period opt for a deep, rich berry red as their colour scheme. This opens up some interesting possibilities for jewellery in the shape of rubies.

Who says that bridal jewellery has to be white or clear? Red is dramatic, and you can either opt for just a small splash of ruby red colour in the form of a pendant, or an all-out beaded red necklace for more of a statement look. And if you fancy something red rather than something blue, then go for it!

No matter what your winter wedding day look, bridal parties can find the perfect pieces to complete their look at EK Jewellers. Woodford, Hainault and Ilford brides can trust in us to recommend the perfect jewellery to complete their big day look, and make them sparkle as much as the snowflakes outside.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.