Your Ultimate Guide to Tree Trend Jewellery

There’s nothing that marks the passing of the seasons more than the leaves on the trees turning all manner of beautiful autumnal shades and creating Mother Nature’s very own fireworks display.

Trees are symbolic of so many things: the passing of time, roots, new beginnings and even family, and that’s why they work so well as motifs on jewellery pieces. Jewellers love the symbolism of trees. Here’s why.

Natural Beauty

Of course, trees are natural beauties in themselves, and this makes them brilliant as motifs on pendants. A simple tree or a leaf – whether free form or framed within a metal circle – work well as necklace pendants or charms on charm bracelets. Their graceful forms lend themselves well to creating an interesting pendent.

However, if you’d like to change things up and would rather wear something a little more unusual, why not ask your local jeweller if they can make you a pinecone or an acorn on a long necklace chain? Pinecones have long been thought of as a symbolism of enlightenment and acorns symbolise strength and potential, so if these are qualities that you value, they could make a great cryptic charm!

Tree of Life Jewellery

Whether you’re looking for a piece of jewellery to celebrate a new life – either metaphorically or to celebrate the birth of a baby – or are looking for something to showcase your family tree, a piece of tree jewellery will make an excellent symbol of these events. Tree jewellery works particularly well when a tree motif is inlaid with the birthstones of your family members to represent their place within your family tree!

Putting Down Roots

Don’t forget that trees can also symbolise those times when you want to celebrate having put down roots in a certain place or within a certain situation. Ask your local independent jeweller if they can create a piece of tree jewellery bespoke for you, which showcases the trees branches and the spreading roots below ground too.

Leaves and Branches

The shapes of many leaves make them perfect for jewellery pieces. Long pendants with autumn coloured leaves dangling from the bottom are perfect for layering over chunky knits this season.

We also love hoop or ear vine earrings which are formed in such a way that they extend along or underneath the ear and then have the tiniest of leaves branching off of them. These make for bold statement pieces which are quite the talking point. Ask your local jewellery shop if this is something that they could create bespoke for you.

Love Trees? Visit E.K. Jewellers for Tailored Advice!

If trees tick all of your jewellery trend boxes this season, visit E.K. Jewellers, Ilford, to discuss bespoke pieces which can be made exact to your requirements. We have many autumnal pieces as well as plenty of on-trend trees this season.

Posted on by Ian Tubby.