Gemstone Trends to Watch Out for in 2023

Gemstone jewellery has been popular for centuries. Not only do gemstone pieces look beautiful, containing the colourful gemstones in an array of different patterns and arrangements, but many people also believe that certain gemstones have certain qualities. This makes them very popular to wear, in the hope that they will bestow the wearer with these qualities. Gemstone jewellery continues to be popular to this day, so here’s our gemstone trend forecast 2022/2023.

What gemstone trends can we expect for 2022/2023?

When it comes to gemstone trends for this autumn/winter, and going into spring/summer of next year, unusual gemstone colours will be popular. Beautifully mystic opal, for example, aquaprase and cornflower sapphires. All bold colours in their own right, and they will often be teamed with gold and rose gold to create a beautiful complementary piece.

If you’re wondering ‘what are the big 5 gemstones?’ and whether they will still be on trend for 2022/2023, you can be confident that the big 5 will never go out of style. Traditionally, the big 5 gemstones are: diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby and amethyst. However, why not mix these up with diamonds and sapphires in slightly unusual shades compared to those traditionally associated with these stones? Blue diamonds are going to be a huge trend this year, and sapphires in bright hues such as yellows, pinks and oranges are in.

What shapes will be in according to gemstone industry trends 2022-2023?

There are several trending shapes for this year, depending on the type of stone. Here are some ideas of gemstone cuts you may wish to try this year:

·  Any of the big 5 gems: kite shape

·  Aquamarine: pear shape

·  Garnet: round

·  Tanzanite: heart shaped

·  Amethyst: asscher-cut

If you’re in any doubt about which shapes to choose for your gemstones this year, then go geometric: geometric shapes and cuts will be among the most popular and trendy cuts for gemstones this year.

What gems will increase in value?

If you’re looking to invest in a piece of gemstone jewellery, there are certain gems which are more likely to increase in value than others. Rubies are always a good investment and hold their value over time; they are a more stable investment than diamonds and as ruby reserves are depleted, the prices for ruby jewellery is only likely to increase.

Blue sapphire continues to be a very popular stone for investment, and although spinel is a relative newcomer as an investment gem, it is a good alternative to rubies. Prices of spinels have risen significantly over the last 5 years. Other stones to look out for include imperial topaz, jade and alexandrite.

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