Nature's Palette: Gemstone Jewellery Inspired by Spring Colours

We love spring. It’s a time of new beginnings, and the perfect opportunity to freshen up our style and embrace something different. And when it comes to our jewellery, it’s the perfect time to refresh our collections with something new. This time of year, anything that sings of nature will make a good choice. So join us as we explore nature’s palette, taking a look at gemstone jewellery inspired by spring colours.

Emerald Greens

Nothing says spring more than the colour green, and in the world of gemstones we are blessed with the lush hues of emerald and peridot. Both do a wonderful job of capturing the freshness and beauty of the newly unfurling spring foliage.

Emerald and peridot are symbolic of growth and renewal, so are perfect for wearing at this time of year.

Opt for floral inspired jewellery to echo the onset of spring, perhaps a necklace or a bracelet set with green leaf-shaped stones and complimented by dainty yellow flowers to depict the primrose – the ‘Prima Rosa’ – spring’s official first bloom.

Sky Blues

Gemstones such as sapphire and aquamarine are reminiscent of clear spring skies.

Evoking feelings of tranquillity and calm, blue stones represent fortune, intelligence and morality. Used in jewellery throughout history, they have a special charm and an ability to heal on all planes, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Blue can also be considered a sophisticated and stylish colour, and pairs well with formal wear for special occasions.

Pastel Pinks and Purples

Romantic and heart-warming, and reminiscent of cherry blossom and periwinkle, pastel pink and purple gemstones such as rose quartz, amethyst and the rarer morganite are perfect for adding a touch of springtime elegance to any outfit.

Rose quartz is known as a healing crystal and considered the stone of unconditional love. It is thought to support emotional healing, inspire compassion and boost feelings of calmness and peace.

Amethyst is viewed as a stone of peace. Many believe it to have calming effects and induce soothing dreams, and it is also believed to help the mind flow freely.

Opt for a heart-shaped rose quartz pendant to keep thoughts of those you care about close to your heart, or perhaps an amethyst ring or earrings to instil calm as you go about your day.

Yellow Blossoms

The sunny appeal of yellow gemstones such as citrine and yellow sapphire evoke the warmth and brightness of spring blooms.

Citrine derives its name from the French word ‘citron’, which means ‘lemon. It has a reputation of being the ‘merchant’s stone’ or the ‘stone of abundance’, because it is believed to attract success and wealth. Citrine is also said to carry powerful physical, emotional and spiritual healing properties.

Yellow sapphire has been known throughout history to represent power and grace. It has the ability to bring happiness, knowledge, abundance and general well-being into our lives, so is perfect for everyday wear.

Both citrine and yellow sapphire work well set into floral necklaces and bracelets, and are complemented perfectly by green gemstones such as emerald and peridot.

Multi-Coloured Blooms

Clusters of colour are what spring is all about. Think blooming meadows, flourishing hedgerows and spring bouquets.

Jewellery that combines a variety of spring-inspired gemstone colours creates a vibrant, playful appeal that celebrates the diversity of nature’s palette.

Go for a half-eternity ring or bracelet set with alternating coloured stones; an ear cuff that showcases a variety of gems, or a floral necklace bursting with an array of colour to nail your springtime style.

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.