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If you are looking for an independent jewellers in Ilford, one who will take personal care of all your jewellery repairs on the premises, who can produce beautiful handcrafted jewellery to order, and who is able to restore white gold jewellery to its original glimmering sheen, look no further then EK Jewellers.

Established four decades, EK Jewellers is a family-run independent Ilford jeweller with a solid reputation for quality. You'll love the personal touch too, and the fact we're members of the National Association of Goldsmiths means we have the official seal of approval for your complete peace of mind.

So whether you are looking for a new watch battery, seeking a unique gift for a special occasion, or are in the market for some bespoke jewellery, Ilford based EK Jewellers will always welcome you into their well-stocked shop, just a short walk from Hainault Station, with a smile and a warm welcome.

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Because your precious jewellery means everything to you, you need to know it's in the safest of hands at all times. So when you need a jewellery repair in Ilford, bring your cherished piece along to EK Jewellers. All our jewellery repairs are carried out on the premises at our Hainault workshop. We take the greatest of care and are genuinely enthusiastic about doing everything we can to restore your piece to its former glory.

Call in to 132 New North Road, a stone's throw from Hainault Station, for a personal jewellery repair service you really can trust.

Commissioning Handmade Jewellery in Ilford

If off-the-shelf just isn't you, or you really want to make a statement with a gift for a special occasion, come along to EK Jewellers and have a chat with us about some handmade jewellery ideas. Ilford wide, and even much further afield, we've been commissioned to create some stunning handmade gemstone jewellery and contemporary handmade jewellery both for gift-givers, and those who wish to indulge themselves.

Why not pay us a visit or give us a call on 020 8500 3191? We're conveniently based in Hainault, near Ilford. Bespoke jewellery makes the perfect gift, and handmade wedding jewellery is one of our most popular lines.

How to Restore Platinum Jewellery (and White Gold jewellery too)

If you have platinum or white gold jewellery that's lost the beautiful sparkle it had when you first bought or received it, that's usually because the rhodium plating that made it shine has worn off, leaving the metal underneath exposed.

There's a simple solution to this, one that will bring back that lovely shine, and that's rhodium plating. On the premises, so you know your cherished jewellery is perfectly safe, we'll polish off any of the remaining rhodium, eliminate any scratches and reapply a brand new coat of rhodium. So you'll have your precious piece back and looking as good as new in no time, safe in the knowledge it's been taken care of all along by us.

If you're looking to restore white gold jewellery, Ilford based rhodium plating experts here at EK Jewellers are ready to help. Call into our friendly shop near Hainault Station any day except Thursday and Sunday.

How can we help you? We're your local Ilford jewellers. If you need advice, or are looking for inspiration, give us a call on 020 8500 3191 or call in to see us at 132 New North Road. We look forward to welcoming you.