The Magic of Laser Welding: Revolutionising Jewellery Repairs and Creations

At E.K. Jewellers, we may have been serving the public for more than 50 years, but we never shy away from embracing new technology and innovations. Recently, we invested in a laser welding machine which has enabled us to create and repair jewellery without the use of heat. This is particularly useful where sensitive gemstones are involved, but also allows us to make repairs and bespoke creations in a more precise and less intrusive fashion.

What is laser welding in jewellery making and repair?

Laser welding is a cutting edge technology that has transformed the jewellery industry, making repairs and custom creations more precise and less intrusive.

The process uses focused laser beams to join materials, without the use of traditional heat.

Laser beam precision: A concentrated laser beam is used to melt and fuse materials at a microscopic level, allowing for extremely precise joins.

No heat damage: Laser welding operates at low temperatures, which means it doesn't heat the entire piece, thereby preventing damage to heat-sensitive gemstones and materials.

Control and accuracy: The high level of control provided by the laser welder allows for intricate repairs and designs that were previously challenging or impossible with traditional methods.

What are the benefits of laser welding in jewellery making and repair?

The process of laser welding in jewellery making and repair offers a variety of benefits:

Preservation of gemstones: The likes of emeralds and other heat sensitive stones such as opals, pearls and other delicate gemstones can be repaired or set without the risk of cracking or discoloration due to heat exposure.

Enhanced durability: Laser welding creates strong, durable joins that enhance the longevity of jewellery pieces.

Aesthetic advantages: Laser welding produces more appealing aesthetic results, as the precise nature of the process means minimal alteration to the original design, and a seamless finish.

Versatility in repairs and creations: Because laser welding is versatile, it can be used for a wide range of applications, from repairing tiny cracks to creating bespoke designs.

What gemstones benefit from laser welding?

A range of gemstones benefit from the laser welding process:

Emeralds: Emeralds are known for their fragility and therefore benefit from laser welding. Traditional heat-based soldering methods may lead to inclusions or fractures, whereas laser welding preserves their integrity.

Opals and pearls: Opals and pearls, which are particularly sensitive to heat, are safely and effectively repaired or set using laser welding technology.

Other heat sensitive gemstones: Aquamarine is a beautiful stone, but if it receives large amounts of heat treatment, it can bleach or become almost colourless. Other heat sensitive gemstones include amethyst, citrine and turquoise. Laser welding lends itself to setting and repairing jewellery containing any of these stones.

Looking for a safe way to repair or set a new piece of gemstone jewellery? Visit E.K. Jewellers in Hainault where our laser welding machine awaits!

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Posted on by Ian Tubby.